Nemo & Co. are back: New trailer for “Finding Dory”

Finding Dory

Note that the ocean is around again! “Find Dory“, the sequel to the popular film around the cute clown fish Nemo, in the cinema comes within a few months. September 29, 2016, the fans can see the exciting story with the forgetful fish Dory in the lead role.

13 years after the absolute success of canvas “Finding Nemo” it takes now not very much longer, until the continuation of thrilling underwater adventure runs. A second trailer, which already makes you want on the Strip, the fans get more and more insight into the film. Dory remembers her childhood and would like to find her family again. On her quest, she is accompanied by Nemo and his Papa Marlin. As even the little Nemo in part one, also Dory, which is spoken in the original by Ellen DeGeneres (58), in an aquarium lands during the exciting trip. As she return back into the sea, will show then end of September.


Are you already looking forward to the new adventure? Then you can get a sneak peek at the film around the surgeonfish suffering from amnesia at the end of the article.

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