Facebook Picture Posting on Profile Leads to Jail!!!

Facebook picture posting on profile is so much common to almost every Facebook users. And when it is about after excitement moments with friends, then there is no time to wait to upload those photos. You know its ordinary, and thinking that than why should I write about this?? Because this ordinary makes some extra-ordinary results!!

Its story about 3 teen age boys who made a mugging with his two 14 year old friends 2 weeks earlier and stole cash and lots of products that’s total worth $8000. After robbing they escaped from there so easily and enjoyed themselves. And to share this enjoyment moments(!) on of them posting pictures of themselves on Facebook.

 Facebook Picture Posting

Facebook Picture Posting on Profile Leads to Jail

17 year old Isaiah Cutler who posted the pictures shares some photos on Facebook Picture album where the three teens posing themselves with the stolen cash and lots on his page. Police have got the photos and marked the suspects.

Police got these photos from 18 year old Pittsburgh man, who first identify them as criminal from their Facebook picture posting and them forwards it to the local police. Isaiah Cutler now in jail since 12th December and other two younger suspects have been released to their parents after they have charged by the local court.

See the Facebook Picture Posting on Profile which Leads them to Jail


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