Facebook Photo Viewer Change Again!

Facebook again applying changes on their photo viewer option. Last month facebook done this once more, but due to its higher loading time and improves the better photo viewer option, Facebook apply changes once more.

According to Huffington Post, this time Facebook authority tries to enlarge the Facebook photo upload features for Full-Screen. Last month they changed photo viewer option where photos are shown in left and photo tag, comments and advertising on the right sidebar.

Facebook Photo Viewer

Facebook Photo Viewer Change

When this photo viewer option is applied, then the photos turns to Full-Screen mode and this will apply for up to maximum 2048 x 2048 pixel resolution image. It means the new Facebook Photo Viewer make photos 4 times larger than currently it appears.

How to Use New Facebook Photo Viewer:Currently this will only available to those who have the latest Firefox and Google Chrome version (Get Mozilla Firefox 10 download or Google Chorme if you don’t have). The arrow icon appears in upper right corner of photos enlarge the Facebook photos in larger mode. Facebook also tries to reduce the photo loading time for using this Facebook Photo Viewer feature.


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