Facebook Friendship ban for Teachers and Students


Teachers and students may no longer be friends – at least not on Facebook !facebook
Rhineland -Palatinate forbids his teachers on the social network to make friends with their students. The teachers may not use Facebook , for example to inform grades to assign homework or to schedule class trips.
The reason : The educational mission of the school is the business model of Facebook – an evaluation and market personal data – can not be reconciled , the Privacy Commissioner of Rhineland- Palatinate. To exchange there are alternatives .
However, Rhineland -Palatinate is not the only country !

Other states want to regulate the contact between teachers and students stringent.
► The Ministry of Culture of Baden- Wuerttemberg restricts the use of social networks at schools with regard to data protection a strong.
In a handout , the legal situation is presented , which forbids teachers to use as Facebook to communicate with students and with each other . Thus, chats, the agreement of school dates and set up study groups and saving personal data from social networks be banned in the future.
► In Bavaria and Schleswig -Holstein have existed for longer appropriate prohibitions.
In Schleswig-Holstein , for example, teachers should use since the end of 2012, no more social networks to plan around school trips or share notes. Also, Bayern has granted the employer’s Facebook ban a long time ago his teachers. ” Privately, they may be active on Facebook but also the students ,” said a spokesman.
► In Saxony, the Ministry of Education is working on a handout for schools.

► Other states , most notably the city-states Berlin, Hamburg and Bremen, consider such arrangements to be superfluous .
Berlin building that teachers behave responsibly in vocational Facebook use , according to the reasoning . The Hamburg School Board is in the classroom and with brochures on ” to achieve a sensitive approach to social networks ,” said a spokesman. Also , Bremer authority considers it useful to organize some school trips over the network.
► Similar to assess the North Rhine -Westphalia , Lower Saxony, Hesse , Brandenburg, Mecklenburg -Western Pomerania, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia.
Where no action is seen . The Ministry in NRW refers to the general school rules , the one ” office appropriate behavior ” ask of teachers. These included a ” distance education to the students and a separation of intelligence and of private communications ,” said a spokesman. Saxony- Anhalt and Thuringia also build on the responsibility of teachers. Teachers should also remember that important information about online networks can not reach all students , said the Thuringian Ministry .

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