Facebook Apps Privacy Tricks with New Design: How Much Aware We are???

How much you enjoy using Facebook Apps from your profile? How many times and how many apps and Facebook games you used daily? I know, the answer will take a few minutes to calculate. But do you know or aware for each app or games that you are using and let them access to your profile?

Do you ever consider how much safety these are for your Facebook Profile Privacy?

Ok, let me explain. Suppose you are using Facebook for over two years. You can hardly remember or count that you will use around 30-40 apps, if you are a regular user. Now check what the Actual Real number is. Check this on your Facebook Apps Permission Page:

If I do not make any mistake them I am sure that the result has shocked, or in another word, surprised you. I think you already get an idea how tricky the Facebook is. Now come to the main discussion.

Every day we use many Facebook apps without realizing that those new added apps and their creators access to our profile and let them do it every time and even I am not on at there. Facebook tries to make some guideline to inform you but they are also used some trick when they provide the info that you permit the Facebook apps to access your personal information so that you can’t blame Facebook in the future.

You have already identified that Facebook will change the new look of the apps permission page and creates a new App Center. With the new look, they design the apps permission page with more tricky looks so that the probability of noticing “Access Your Personal Information” will be reduce before the previous times.
Let see how tricky the new Facebook apps design.

New Facebook Apps Design:

The Decision Button :
Old Facebook apps permission highlighted two buttons, “Allow” and “Don’t Allow”. These two different buttons make you alert to take the decision before using the apps about your profile identification access. But the new looks have only one button, “Play Game”!! You think you will go to play it, but the real fact is you are going to send your personal information to the creators.

Facebook Apps Privacy Tricks with New Design

Hide the Info about which information will access by the apps creators:
I think this is the worst thing about the new layout of Facebook Apps Permission Page. Because they hide the info about to inform you that what kinds of data will be going to accessible by the permitted apps.

Facebook Apps Privacy Tricks with New Design

Reduce Font Size:
New Apps Center is designed with low font size and ignoring highlighting the text with “Bold” option. It also reduces focus time on the notice option.

Facebook Apps Privacy Tricks with New Design

Action Line Trick:
The new app design includes an action line which splits the visibility between the permission info area and the game‘s icon/design area.

Facebook Apps Privacy Tricks with New Design

Permission Headline:
The old design asked you friendly to read out the message and permitted them to access your profile but the new one….Just forget about it.

Facebook Apps Privacy Tricks with New Design

So from now be aware about the new Facebook Apps Center’s design tricks and think twice before permit the new apps to let them access your Facebook profile information.

Source: Tech Crunch


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