Duchess Kate Middleton is Pregnant Confirmed

First time it was considered as a rumor that Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Great Britain becomes pregnant. But now the new photos of Kate confirm that the rumor turns into true!!

The new photos of Kate Middleton, where she touches her stomach has made a new buzz in the media that she might be pregnant and past rumor was true.
Duchess Kate Middleton Pregnant Confirmed

Duchess Kate Middleton is Pregnant Confirmed

Britain’s queen Elizabeth has been sending many clues to this world that its now times to welcome the royal baby in their family. Do you want to know how Queen Elizabeth delivered the massages? Here’s I give you one example…

When Kate Middleton and Prince William attending an event, then she refused to eat peanut butter, although the Queen confirms that Kate has no such an allergic reaction with that peanut.

This part is for those who doesn’t know or maybe forget that, Pregnant women will avoid taking peanut butter to help the upcoming baby’s health improvement and prevent the developing an allergic reaction.

If still you have confusion or doubt about the news, than you can add that, a Palace insider said to Touch Magazine that “Kate is Around Six weeks Pregnant”. Take a look of the photos. What do you think?


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