Don Cornelius’s ex-wife gets $300,000 !

Don Cornelius’s ex-wife gets around $300,000 for life insurance of himself which he did before. Because the favorite TV Show Soul Train’s creator and host Don Cornelius has left us last (Wednesday) night with an unnatural way of gone.

Although it is not confirmed yet how Don Cornelius died; whether its suicide or other? But whatever it was Don ex-wife Viktoria Chapman Corlemius now get the money.

Don Cornelius ex-wife

Don Cornelius’s ex-wife

Before Don’s late, he made two life policies which mention that will get her wife (now ex-wife) after he died. After the divorce issued between them in 2009, the legal document shows an agreement that “Don must make Viktoria the beneficiary of both of his life insurance policies”, TMZ reported that.

Moreover, Under the law of California, if any policyholder commits suicide within two years after s/he issued policy, the life policy company can deny it. But in the case of DON Cornelius, it cross 2 years, so there is no doubt that, Don’s ex-wife Viktoria will get the money, although Don despised her.


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