Dog Foods Cost $1000!

Do you have a pet dog? If no, then you can relax & if yes, then prepared to send $1000 dog foods cost for your so lovely pet!

Naturally when dogs come to food, then they are notoriously indiscriminate. There is known dogs who can chow down on full family size pizzas and blocks of cheese. But this time, a new dog found in Florida who takes $1000 food cost in a single day.

Dog Foods Cost $1000

Dog Foods Cost $1000

No, 4 year-old Tuity, the dog’s name, didn’t take foods that worth $1000 cost. She just ate her owner’s cash $1000. Her owner Lawrenson had left ten $100 dollar bills in the envelope while she ready to move to bank.

After Lawrensoon returned home, she found her left bills turn into food to her dog and Tuity sitting nearby where shredding of bills around the house.

After Lawrenson inducing her dog to cough up the cash, were able to piece together the bills that just tune of nine $100 bills. Bank replaced the 9 bills for crisp ones, but the left was beyond repair. It’s happened because Tuity ate too many bills serial number as a dog food.

Lawrenson said to St. Auugustine, Tuity ate the bill, the envelope and everything.” With an explanation, she sent the bill to the Department of Treasury and hopes to get the desire replace bills.


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