Dancing With The Stars 2011 Winners Martinez and Smirnoff

Generally no. 13 is considered as the unlucky number in this world, but to Martinez its little bit changed. Because last Tuesday night was written as ‘Golden History’ in J.R. Martinez life after winning the crown of Dancing with the Star season 13. After a great dancing show, Martinez and his partner Karina Smirnoff were finally won the Dancing with The Star season 13.

On Tuesday finale night, there were three finalists to show their final magic dance with their partners. J.R. Martinez beat other two competitors and won the most awaiting Dancing with The Star crown on his head.

Dancing With The Stars 2011 Winners

Dancing With The Stars 2011 Winners Martinez and Smirnoff

Among the three finalists, Lake and Derek Hough were first performed in the finale stage dance show. There performance were congratulated to be the best one which was most memorable throughout any Dance with the Star season, judges declared that after the dance over and marked them 30/30.

After that, Kardashian and Burke replay their earlier emotional dance which Kardashian dedicated the dance to his late father. But he made a mistake on a slide, for why they got 26/30.

The final performers were Martinez and Smirnoff tried to do their best, although they have some mistakes in their rounded out the routines. Judges scored was 28/30 for them.

After all analyzing had been done, the judges surprisingly Martinez and Smirnoff were announced as the winner of Dance with The Star season 13 and were crowned as victors. Martinez said thanks to America to support themselves and believing on them.


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