Chris Pratt Gets Pranked During ‘Jurassic World’ Interview

If you’re a Chris Pratt fan, this video will make you love him even more!

YouTube comedy duo Smosh put the actor in the hot seat for an interview that was supposed to be about his new film, “Jurassic World.”

The two kept daring each other, via a hidden ear piece, to do some pretty uncomfortable things during the interview — and, as they took turns asking extremely awkward questions, Pratt started to squirm.

While most stars would be visibly irritated by the reporters’ strange behavior, the “Guardians of the Galaxy” star took it in stride and even started throwing it back at them.

In true Pratt form, the hunky star played along with their antics, posing for pictures for one of the interviewer’s Tinder account, calling the other’s mom to say her son has herpes and much more!

Check out the clip to see Chris explain why “he put his d**k in a guitar” — yes, he was really asked about that.

Don’t miss the latest trailer for “Jurassic World” below!

The news first appeared on Toofab

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