Cause Why Whitney Houston Died

Do you know the cause why Whitney Houston died for? According to TMZ report, Whitney Houston was died for being underwater of Beverly Hills hotel bathtub which entered in her lunch and caused dead. Her body was found in the bathtub where her face was underwater.

Whitney Houston’s hairstylist, hairdresser and her bodyguards were in the room when she was going to take bath. But when she passed more than an hour, they became worried and knocked at her door. But she didn’t reply. Then one of her bodyguard told her female hairdresser to enter the bath to see what happen. When she entered, she immediately screamed.

Cause Why Whitney Houston Died

Cause Why Whitney Houston Died (*source:TMZ)

When Whitney Houston found unresponsive in bathroom, bodyguard quickly entered the room and pulled her out from there. She was very cold at that time. Her bodyguard immediately attempted CPR to get back her nerves actives but he couldn’t. Then hotel security and paramedics was called. With a few minutes when paramedics come, it was too late and Whitney Houston pronounced as dead on 3:55 PM.


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