BMW Recalls 1.3M Cars for Electronics Problems Solve

World luxury car maker BMW recalls 1.3M of its 2003 to 2010 model 5 & 6-series cars worldwide due to some electrical problems solving issue. According to Associated Press, BMW announced yesterday in Frankfurt about that it is recalling cars worldwide. They ensure that, they will solve all the selected models problems as soon as they can.

There is no doubt that BMW make the world class luxury cars with update technologies. But due to many reports from its clients having some electrical problems issue, they decide to recall all the cars which may have the problems. They request the owners to contact the local showroom to know more info.

BMW recalls 1.3M Cars

BMW recalls 1.3M Cars

Reuters reported that, almost 368,000 BMW cars (model 5- & 6-series) are affected with such types of problems in U.S. The symptoms of electrical problems for which BMW recall their cars are battery cable problems, starting problem etc.

BMW said that, the problems occur due to battery cable covering in the trunk which is not installed properly. This result some starting problems issue & even sometimes it lead to a fire. But BMW confirmed still now that it doesn’t causes any injuries or crashes reports; they just have near than 100 of complain reports. So BMW decides to fix the problems of its entire cars of those models.

The BMW cars problem fixing will take only 30 minutes maximum, according to the BMW engineers.


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