Battlefield 3 on Xbox Graphics Problem

Last 25th October, Battlefield 3 (BF3) was released in North America for pc, Xbox 360 and Play-station 3 and iOS. The graphics quality of Battlefield 3 for pc looks amazing, and if you have HD cards, than it will be outstanding. But for Xbox 360 users, if you don’t have BF3’s HD texture pack that installed in your Xbox, than you are going to face some awful situations.

Battlefield 3 on Xbox Graphics Problem In this video, (by WikiGamesGuide), you can compare the difference of Battlefield 3 for with and without HD texture pack installed mode. The screen looks little awful when you detect the difference.

If you are going to buy Battlefield 3 for your Xbox 360, then we suggest you that make sure you have installed HD Texture Pack on your hard drive before playing it. Otherwise you are sure to face the new Battlefield 3 mixed with fuzzy, floaty cardboard boxes, disappearing graffiti.

Play the Video

Although these issues probably won’t affect maximum Xbox 360 players, but we believe that, the real game boy don’t let go the real experience of Battlefield 3 games.


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