Battlefield 3 Best Sell in 1st Week

Battlefield 3 has become the best selling games for the history of Electronic Arts (EA) in its first week release. According to EA, the first person shooting game BF 3 has been sold over 5 million of copies.

Lat year Call of Duty: Black Ops had sold over 10 million copies in its first week. Now BF 3 has achieved the record without beating Call of Duty: Black Ops 1st week sell.

Battlefield 3 Best Sell priceExecutive vice president of EA Games label Soderlund said that they had a spectacular first week, and the quality is trending up. Though the graphics problem for Battlefield 3 occurs in Xbox 360, but the satisfaction label are 90% on the PC.

BF 3 servers for online playing stabilized over the weekend, Soderlund says. We (EA) are committed to resolving those problems that occurs during online playing as soon as we possibly can and get the game Battlefield 3 to be at 99.9% or much better, in terms of how it is operating, he also added.

In addition to some players are not being able to connect online, the Quick Match feature is proving problematic, especially for Xbox 360 gamers. That is being worked on….the majority of BF 3 players are having a great time today, Soderlund says.

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