Bank of America Debit Card Fees Withdrew

Some one when here that, you should now give a fee for your debit card and you should do it every month whatever you do with it, then it does means you that you are going to lose your money without any reason. But don’t think that.

Basically no one like to hear about the new debit card fees, but still its true that, maximum bank of America is now apply debit card fees. But Bank of America withdrew its $5 per month fee for its debit card use while others not do that.

Bank of America Debit Card Fees Withdrew

Bank of America Debit Card Fees Withdrew

Bank of America sends the notice to all of its debit card holders that such fees are unfair, arbitrary and maybe withdrew if they yell loud enough. It confirms the Occupy Wall Street view that economies can change by demonstrations.

Bank of America confirms fro the popular view that, “It’s my money. So why should a bank charge for fees me for getting or using my own deposit money thorough my debit card?”

It seems to say that you can pass a law capping bank charges or fees to merchants to cover costs without customers needing to make up the loss somewhere else, confirms by Bank of America. It seems to be saying that, yes, Virginia, there is a free lunch after all, they also added. So now the Bank of America’s debit card holders can use their cards for free of fees.


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