Apple Unlocked iPhone 4S Buy Online

From Friday morning, Apple began its pre-orders for Apple iPhone 4S on its website with another option they could provide for the users who wants to buy an Unlocked iPhone 4S with the same features of 1st Apple iPhone 4S version. Apple might sell it directly to the users; rather sign a contract with either AT&T, Verizon or Sprint.

The unlocked iPhone 4S will available in November with both GSM and CDMA version. The price of this unlocked iPhone 4S are quite higher than the locked one but all iPhone 4S Applications are same.

Apple Unlocked iPhone 4S Buy Online

The price tag of unlocked iPhone 4S are:
Apple Unlocked iPhone 4S Price

Apple Unlocked iPhone 4S 16GB price $649.00
Apple Unlocked iPhone 4S 32GB price $749.00
Apple Unlocked iPhone 4S 64GB price $849.00

Though the unlocked iPhone 4S prices are higher, but the international travelers who use iPhone are benefited when they travel to abroad and use unlocked GSM iPhone without any US carrier roaming charges. And for this, you have to buy only a local GSM micro SIM card.

It has also some disadvantage. When you are in USA, you won’t be able to use the advantage of Verizon or Sprint unlimited plans offer or better network coverage.
You will be also limited to AT&T or T-Mobile facilities. For the T-Mobile customers who are peeved your carrier won’t be offering the Apple iPhone 4S this year, you could buy an unlocked iPhone 4S version and use it on T-Mobile’s network.


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