Apple MacBook Air Skipped the AMD Chips!

Do you want to use Apple’s latest 15-inch MacBook Air considered as the best model of MacBook which Apple planned for the twenty-first century? If so, than you should know that this is not 100% accurate which Apple planned before to build it.

Current MacBook Air is based on Intel’s Sandy Bridge i5 & i7 processor but not the AMD, claimed by ‘Semi-Accurate’. On last summer they were planned to production the new MacBook Air based on the very close Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). But al the last time, they cancelled their plan.

 Apple MacBook Air

Apple’s MacBook Air

Apple cancelled their plan because only for the user’s plan b choice. Apple’s plan A would be very low power Llano chip based technology which would have been very tasty machine. But current Apple’s MacBook Air includes integrated graphics to add extra power.

According to SemiAccurate, in the future, Apple could add the ARM chips as their upgrade technology to the 15-inch MacBook Air or better. Although Apple still doesn’t confirm anything about their new Apple MacBook product.


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