Apple iPhone 5 Release in Summer

Rumor goes since 2007, that Apple released their latest iPhone 5 very soon. Unfortunately that rumor didn’t turns true. But now it will be great news for iPhone users to listen that, Apple decides to release iPhone 5 in this summer.

Last October Apple released their next iPhone 4S which was very popular bu the users and they satisfied with the device. Last day, 9 to 5 Mac released a leacked photos with title that “The next iphone is ready for Production”. They also confirmed that one of the Foxconn employees in China tells them Apple might release their next iPhone 5 in the coming summer.

Apple iPhone 5 Release

Apple iPhone 5 Release in Summer (Pic from

The source also tells them there are various sample devices are ready but which one will be finally confirmed can’t possible to mention yet. But some common features which might be like these:

*4 inch or 4+ inch display
*No teardrop shaped devices
*Different types of factor from iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S

Although we don’t know that actually whether or when Apple decides to release iPhone 5, but we hope this time it will comes true for us in this summer.


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