Apple iPhone 4S Price Drop at Only $99

This is the biggest news for Apple iPhone 4S fans. Actually Apple release one news, but it indicates great two news. One is that you will now buy Apple iPhone 4S at only $99 and second one is that iPhone 5 will coming very soon, at least the price drop indicates that.

Today Tim Cook announced that Apple will sell iPhone 4S only at $99 and is available from today. He also says that they have still some iPhone 4S and thus they offer this big discount.

Apple iPhone 4S Price $99
Apple iPhone 4S Price $99 Only

The reduce iPhone 4S price will increase their sell, Tim think that. We also think that this huge discount will helps Apple to empty their iPhone 4S stocks. This big events is indicate that Apple Inc. is going to prepared themselves for their next generation smartphone, New iPhone 5. What do you think?

Apple’s App Store is now under updating for setting the new price tags for iPhone 4S. When they open it, you may make online order for your iPhone 4S only at $99.

Buy Apple iPhone 4S from App Store only at $99.

You can review the iPhone 4S features from here, if you need to learn detail of this 3.5-inch 3G smartphone.


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