Apple iPhone 4S Application Review

Apple iPhone 4S Application Free Review

Apple iPhone 4S contains lots of upgrade features and application than its previous all versions. Apple tries to make their apps for user’s friendly and easy to use. Here is a short review of Apple iPhone 4S built in application features.

In Apple iPhone 4S smartphone, the built in applications (or apps) are set according to its 8-megapixel camera, 1080p HD video record and display, iOS and its sound system features. Lets review iPhone 4S built in applications

Built in apps for iPhone 4S:

• 8-megapixel Camera (It just might be the best camera ever on Apple iPhone or others)
• Video Recording (In 1080p HD)
• FaceTime (During Call)
• Messages with iMessage feature (Unlimited texts between any iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch products)
• Reminders
• Phone
• Mail
• Safari
• Music
• Videos
• Photos
• Apple App Store
• iTunes
• Maps and Compass
• Game Center
• Calendar
• Contacts
• Find My iPhone
• And many more Built-in Apps

So Apple’s iPhone users can use iPhone 4S application with its easiest and update features and also can have download others features from the always best the Apple’s Apps Store.

If you already don’t have your Apple iPhone 4S, then Preorder it now, now grab yours one.


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