Angry Birds Operation Omelette Comics Criticism

Angry Birds Operation Omelette

The angry birds, a game against Green pigs, which demands some skills like coordinating the players. There’s the first cross cult comic volume with “Angry Birds Operation Omelette“.

Here you can aim the fan being fröhnen without the eternal, coordinate, weigh et cetera and thus focuses on the story. The turns of course back to the pigs. And also, of course, is their stupid behaviour, what is the real pigs may not meet, considered this yet but it seems smart to make it fun.

I’ve also tried it. Was okay, nothing what I absolutely must have. The comic is made quite funny, and as the pages of Angry Birds bomb gets hiccups, even I had to laugh. But it was also the only time.

It’s the pigs again thanks to the different capabilities of the Angry Birds on the collar or the trunk. Green pigs mind you. You also have a King.

Every bird I know is on pages of Angry birds.

As I said, the game is quite nice and so “Angry birds operation omelette” by Jeff Parker behaves with the comic too. Buy I wouldn’t probably. If it would be out somewhere, would I try but probably even.


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