Amazon Lost $0.16M only for Stealing Product

It sounds crazy. Isn’t it? But fact is that, the news is true and confirmed by Amazon. They figure out that they lost more than $160,000 due to stealing the Amazon product where 726 iPod Touch and 49 HP laptops are included. Amazon already identify the reason behind these and they discover from where, who and how these huge number of products are stolen. Do you know who he is?

It is the Amazon’s warehouse worker!! Yes, they are liable for such worst thing in the history of Amazon sales service. At the South Carolina’s warehouse, Amazon’s Cayce distribution center reported about this issue to the main office.

Amazon Warehouse

According to Lexington Patch report , Todd Anthony Cofield Jr, the 20 year old boy surrendered in to police on last Thursday where he mention that he stole Apple and HP brand’s product from Amazon store that worth more than $0.16M.

According to Cofield statement, he was stealing these products by making false clearance document and handed them to his employers and unloaded the products from the containers. He was repeating these from April 20 to May 31, 2012. He did that only when FedEx Freight are arrived.

But we still don’t know how this Amazon worker smuggled these 726 iPod Touch boxes and 49 HP brand laptop boxes move out from the warehouse during this small period.


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