Amazing Spider Man 2: The Teaser Trailer

The next teaser trailer of “Amazing Spider Man 2″ is now on web for the viewers. Marc Webb just release his next sequel of Amazing Spider Man movie trailer on last Wednesday. This is the 1st official trailer of the Comic-Con movie characters.

This movie is directed by Marc Webb and movie script is written by Jeff Pinker, Alex Kirtzman and Robert Orci. In The Amazing Spider Man 2 movie trailer, you can find that Peter Parker face troubles with his two different lives, as the spider man and as peter. He can’t complete his graduation due to his duty as the super hero. Meantime, he can’t forgotten his promise which he made to Gwen’s father.

A new villain Electro has come and things will change day by day. Now how he will survive on that situation? Watch the trailer now from here:

Amazing Spider Man 2 Trailer

Amazing Spider Man 2 is produced at Sony Picture and they will release the movie in theaters next summer on May 2nd.


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