Afghanistan: What These Children Doing Here?

AfghanistanMuslim world celebrates Eid al -Adha , the Feast of Sacrifice . In Jalalabad, a bizarre snapshot was taken.

Four guys playing on a street corner . The game does not look funny. They depend on each other guns and a small gun. Four children, four toy weapons in one of the most dangerous places in the world . The photo was taken in Jalalabad (Afghanistan ) on the first day of the Muslim festival Eid al -Adha , the Feast of Sacrifice.

Traditionally, the children play on the holiday , enjoy yourself – the picture with the weapons is only a looker , a snapshot which arose on this important day .

What is Eid al -Adha ?

The Feast of Sacrifice is the most important Islamic celebration. At the end of the Hajj , the pilgrimage to Mecca , the pilgrims and all the faithful celebrate the Islamic world.

The festival commemorates the willingness of Ibrahim ( Abraham ) to sacrifice one of his sons , to prove his faith God.

It starts on 10 Day of the pilgrimage month – 2013 according to the Christian calendar of 15 to 18 October . On the first day , the faithful gather in mosques , where a special festival prayer is held.

Hot sacrifice for the ritual slaughter ( shafts) is the lamb . Part of the meat is distributed to needy Muslims.


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