YouTube Face Blurring Tool to Hide Identities

From now, privacy goes one step added inside the YouTube video also. Recently YouTube added an extra privacy tool which will capable to hide the faces or identities of the people that appearing in the video content that upload through YouTube by creating the latest face blurring technology. With this kind of feature, a user can protect the privacy of the appearing people in the video.

The new face blurring tools of YouTube is designed with especial function that would be use to protect the protesters who raise their voice against any injustices. So YouTube tries to include another additional facility for the user.

You Tube Face Blurring Tool
Although YouTube introduce this especial feature, experts say some problems may occur when user tries to create the face blurring filter. Because the code may not be guaranteed to work in all instances thus appearing peoples’ privacy are not 100% safe. Other additional tools may be required.

Google said that the emerging technology creates some difficulties to detect the faces depends on angel and the video quality. They also said that its human rights. Google posted an official report over the new YouTue tech.

How to Use YouTube Face Blurring tool:

If you wish to add this function into your videos, then first of all you should upload the videos. Then use Video Enhancement tools to adding the function and preview the blurred footage before apply the settings.


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