3 Reasons Why Kingdom Come Deliverance Has Hit Potential

Do you have the nose full of the thousandth unmotivated simulacrum of any fantasy role-playing game? Do you want more than for umpteenth time rumbling Dwarves and elves arrogant? If Yes, your Kingdom Comes Deliverance should give a chance. I tell you in my preview, why this is so.

Movement in the role-playing game waters comes with Kingdom come deliverance. Funded through Crowdfunding and private investors, makes this game the Czech Developer Warhorse Studios final with old clichés half-baked LOTR-Imitate and instead offers history and realism. Warhorse as historical open world single player first person RPG referred to, we call you after our big kick-off session in our preview now three good reasons why Kingdom come deliverance could be a real hit.

1. the game world: History to be touched

At first glance, the world differs from Kingdom come deliverance from the classic fantasy RPGs. A medieval Kingdom, garnished with impressive castles, quaint villages and unspoiled forests. But no matter how mystical, the scenery may seem, we are looking for witches and Dragons here in vain. Because instead of set to the familiar mix of Knights and magic, Warhorse Studios brings the “real” middle ages revive.

Our time destination is the King of Bohemia, today mostly on the territory of the Czech Republic of the year 1403. A struggle for the throne devastated the country, and also our fictional hero Henry gets to be exposed. The war victim to kill his family and his home, his life as a simple son of a blacksmith is in tatters. His options deprived, our protagonist decides to get up and pull the culprits to justice. Not an easy task. The Kingdom is busy with its own problems and does not wait for a Smith defunct off. Instead of leading armies ascended, we start at the bottom in a world that works without us. The regular alternation of day and night villagers and soldiers follow complex schedules, go wood collect, keep watch or for one or two beer at the pub in the neighbouring village. The result is a wonderfully vibrant component.

Just this authentic medieval charm is especially to Kingdom come. The building, weapons, armor, and clothes – everything is based on old templates. Together with a historian drew the developers their teeth historical errors and beat a fascinating bridge between history and the game.

2. the quest lines: Branches and innovative

Is clear what now you think: Yes quite, others have claimed it. However, the approaches of Kingdom come deliverance are promising. Instead of to clean musty cellar of Monster spiders or to collect 30 red flowers, warhorse wants to offer fun, different tasks Studios. The core of the beta is, for example, the search for an escaped felon, from which we hope for our valuable information. It collects information, hear witnesses from and so step by step approaches the crooks.

The multi-layered dialogues and ways to interact with other characters are in the Centre of the tasks. Do you impress someone or threaten him, bribe or lying to? Not only your attributes determine success or failure, even your clothing and armor the output of conversations.

But maybe you want to let your problems with Engelszunge and coin, but rather be talking the sword? Both ways can lead to the solution and determine your standing in the world.

3. the first person combat: Duels on sword length

What would a Knight game without compelling fights and large battles? We don’t know, and also in the Warrior Kingdom of Bohemia, you will find no answer to that. During our trip, we are often of dubious contemporaries with questionable motives. Despite the friendliness and charisma, we hit some places inevitably in bloody clashes. Then it says: to arms, and in the battle.

The core element of these campaigns is a series of different regions, which we individually attack and defend. Every action costs endurance and requires a minimum amount of timing and precision. This looks initially still quite simple, win battles with feints and although later show value and depth. For a perfect parade, we are rewarded, for example, with a short time slowing down, where we can bring a painful retaliation.

Also noteworthy: Each hit is evaluated individually. So, an armored glove protecting anything except the head only our fingers, and a helmet. This will give the conflict an additional tactical component and require deliberate action. The fighting on the side of many AI colleagues but are the icing on the cake. No matter if storm a castle or open field battle, here lies the potential for a truly memorable experience.


Brings us also in the current issue of Kingdom Come Deliverance. As yet, only the Foundation for a bombastic role-playing game is set. KI drop outs, quest failure and technical problems you might break your neck all the fun. Should warhorse but an end of 2016 overcome these hurdles Studios until the intended release, awaits a real hit.


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